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Questions rising about WH role in Delphi pension scandal

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At about the time of the bailout of General Motors, auto parts maker Delphi cut off pensions for the non-union workers, but not the UAW workers, as part of their own bankruptcy restructuring.

Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp, R-MI sent a letter to Department of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and the White House Counsel indicating he would subpoena all records associated with the termination of Delphi pensions if they refuse to comply with a congressional request for documents.

Obama Campaign advisor David Axelrod addressed the pension issue with reporters on two different occasions, first saying “it was not the decision of the president,” then reversing himself saying it was a “policy the president undertook.”

“Despite repeated assertions that the Obama Administration would be the most transparent in history, Treasury and the White House have continued to stonewall this request,” said Camp. “This investigation has led to more questions than answers, and it is time the Administration comes clean about the role it played in the slashing of the pensions of 20,000 Delphi employees. I understand the answer may be difficult to explain in states like Michigan and Ohio, but politics cannot dictate the timing of when the American people learn the truth. If the Administration fails to act in a timely manner, they may well find themselves on the receiving end of a subpoena that compels their cooperation.”

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