Alan Bergstein: Will we re-elect a political con man?

Too bad that our commander in chief has not had the depth of understanding to see the Benghazi attacks as the disaster they were. If he did, he probably wouldn’t have gone to sleep after learning the details as they streamed into the White House. Details like four American citizens, one of whom was the U.S. ambassador to Libya, had gotten slaughtered, not by a bunch of insulted Muslims as the tale of fiction began, but by a gang of savages.

What must our other representatives around the world, both military and civilian, think of their safety as American citizens in the areas in which they serve? Are they concerned they’d be left out to dry if attacked, kidnapped or harassed in the countries where they represent our interests? They are sophisticated enough to understand that the political correctness of this administration is like fertilizer to the growing threat of radical Islam around the globe. The unbelievable reaction of the president and his subordinates to the Benghazi attacks underscores the weakness and inability of our fearless leader to react to emergencies. The “3 o’clock phone call” in this instance was met with a bizarre reaction from Obama: He calmly went to sleep and went off campaigning and fundraising the next morning. No problem. Four Americans murdered by an enemy who was supposed to be running for cover, and it was ho-hum business as usual the next morning.

Just who counsels this guy? Who sets him straight on a daily basis to get the job of governing this great country? Don’t these people know he is bereft of any capability to make decisions? Don’t they know that when off the streets, where he had his greatest successes as an organizer, he’s totally out of his league? His accomplishments in foreign affairs have been nil. We have no real allies anymore. Israel, Poland, England, Turkey, France and Japan have fled. They no longer trust us. We have sent the proverbial Obama Bus to run over all of them. Our foreign policy is in shambles. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran understand and ridicule us for our weakness. We will pay.

And we are now close to making a decision that will lay out the future of our country and that of the entire world. Will we re-elect a political con man to lead us for another four years? A man without feeling, compassion or concern for his citizen subjects? A man whose sole concern is his need to transform this country into a Third World nation, similar to the one his father called home? One in which he can rule as a potentate in the image of Stalin, Castro or Mao?

The decision will be made by millions like you and me. I hope, for the sake of our children’s children for many generations to come, that we make the right choice. Say a prayer!


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