Clint Eastwood fires back at Obama in new ad

After creating a media storm at the Republican National Convention, Clint Eastwood now has the last word in a new American Crossroads ad. “Someone doesn’t get the job done, you gotta hold them accountable,” says Eastwood.

See the ad here:


Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


2 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood fires back at Obama in new ad

  1. hal mason says:

    Biggest FRAUD in U.S. HISTORY is the thousands of innocent men and women we have lost to the jewwar against MUSLIMS! NO THANKS to the evilness of GEORGE BUSH and his million year old cronies in the congress! FREAKS ALL!Now Americans go out and kill people because of how they dress or look ! YES Americans are that stoopid !

  2. Glenda says:

    It is not just Bush it was Johnson that start going after our country they just started it in Nineteen sixty three now Obama Obama is going to finish it off. Also Rorcefeller was involved to. They killed Kennedy because he found out what they were up too. Johnson's girlfriend told all about it on an enterview If we dont get him out of there we are dead and we have no country anymore.God bless us all we need it

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