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Frank Luntz declares Florida no longer a swing state

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Romney victory in FloridaShortly after GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, Ryan joked that Romney’s taste in music was pretty much what you hear in your average elevator. Today the “Mittster” is no doubt humming that Queen classic, “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Pollster and pundit Frank Luntz announced on Fox News Saturday afternoon that he no longer considers Florida a swing state — It now safely belongs to Romney. He based his analysis on the fact that in the period between the first presidential debate to the present, the Sunshine State has seen an 8 point shift to the Republican candidate.

Florida has always been considered a key state, and each candidate has dedicated a huge percentage of both time and money there. Emphasis will no doubt shift to Ohio.

Since Luntz’s announcement, Twitter has gone wild. You can read many of the tweets on Michele Malkins new site, Twitchy.com.

Read more at Fox News.



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