Ann Romney shows grace under Whoopi’s fire

Ann Romney listens to Whoopi GoldbergJust because someone can say something doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be said.

On Thursday, Ann Romney, wife of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, appeared on “The View.” The future first lady barely got herself settled in when Barbara Walters questioned about her husband having supposedly said he didn’t want to appear on “The View” because “it’s high-risk and” the ladies are “sharp-tongued.”

Without missing a beat, Romney corrected Walters: “No, he said sharp and young.”

Eventually, Whoopi Goldberg cross-examined Romney on her family’s lack of military service and asked how she and her husband could comfort  military families during times of grief when neither her husband nor her sons had ever served.

Forget the fact that they weren’t talking to the candidate himself but the candidate’s wife.

Forget the fact that the current president has never served a day in the military, either.

And forget the fact that President Obama appeared on “The View” just a few weeks earlier and this question never occurred to Goldberg.

Romney answered Goldberg with her customary grace.

“I would say it’s the hardest thing that a president and a first lady could probably do is to comfort those who have lost loved ones and have gone in harm’s way,” she said.

Romney then said that when her husband was governor of Massachusetts, “he went to every funeral of a returning veteran” and consoled family members.

“Of course it’s hard,” she said, “and I don’t think any of us can understand the sacrifices that are being made by families.”

Goldberg got hammered on Twitter for the tenor of her questions. In response, she tweeted:


Back 2 work and u have to laugh when u get that freedom of speech, or asking a question is out of fashion, and god don’t dare disagree, Sad.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Whoopi Goldberg, but her stumble had nothing to do with freedom of speech and everything to do with civility and, to use the president’s favorite word, “fairness.” If you’re not going to ask the president that question, why ask the wife of the man running against him?

Here’s the exchange.


4 thoughts on “ Ann Romney shows grace under Whoopi’s fire

  1. stanley says:

    obama the commie never was in service why didnt she ask him or his wife the same question.what about herself.thi piece of baloney commie good for nothing no talent should retire .

  2. stanley says:

    most black racists are the great enemys of america like whoopie and white liberals.freeloaders thieves and obamas friends..theyare all rams horns.

  3. Ralph says:

    whoopi's only interest in this world is black and will never be any thing else. And can't believe she talked about God for she looks at her self as God

  4. Tman says:

    Whoopi represents everything that is wrong with this country. She should kneel down every day and thank God that she lives in America and that her bubble lipped ancestors where put on a salve boat — to freedom. If she had stayed in Africa she would probably have died from Cholera or Dysentery or malaria or whatever other diseases the backward assed joggaboos carry around. I am so sick of her and her ilk.

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