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Democrat Maria Sachs hit with massive ethics complaint

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Press Release: 

Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman Sid Dinerstein released the following statement regarding his filing of six (6) ethics charges against Sen. Maria Sachs for serious and repeated violations of financial disclosure laws over 3-years:

“Sen. Sachs has repeatedly violated the financial disclosure laws by hiding assets and income over a 3-year period. Because of these serious violations I have filed a complaint against Sen. Sachs with the Florida Commission on Ethics seeking an investigation and finding that Sen. Sachs has violated the law. These ethics laws are some of the most important protections to an open government and were put in place so that citizens can understand what influences a legislator’s objectivity. By repeatedly flouting the requirement to fully disclose her financial interests, Maria Sachs has demonstrated her steadfast belief that the rules simply don’t apply to her. The people of Palm Beach and Broward counties deserve better than Maria Sachs.”


-In her constitutionally required financial disclosures in 2009, 2010, and 2011, Sachs failed to disclose her ownership in the Tallahassee property as required under Art. II, Sec. 8(a)(i)(1), Fla. Const. & § 112.3144, Florida Statutes. Additionally, Sen. Sachs again failed to disclose any income from the state of Florida for her employment as a state representative as required under Art. II, Sec. 8(a)(i)(1), Fla. Const. Each of these failures to disclose important information by constitute violations of the law.

Michele Kirk


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