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BizPac Review President Jack Furnari: Welcome to our new home

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Today, you may notice something different about BizPacReview.com. It’s cleaner, easier to read and navigate, loads faster and sports some useful new features.

It’s not your imagination. You’re at the right place. Welcome to the new BizPac Review, your vastly improved go-to source for conservative news and opinion.

We’ve been working hard for months now, re-tooling our website so that we can deliver the latest news on the hottest topics in the fastest and most dynamic way possible.

Our new home page has the best mix of the most up-to-the-minute political happenings, developments and commentary from and around the world.

If you want just the facts — news without opinion — we now have a news-only page just for you. Want a diversity of opinion? There’s a page for that, too.

For the best viral videos, political and otherwise, you’ll want to bookmark our new video page. That’s where you’ll find the most talked-about, the most interesting and occasionally the most bizarre videos, all collected in one place, sometimes before they’ve even gone viral.

Take a few minutes to get familiar with our new “Biz Picks” page, which offers you a constant stream of news and opinion from all over Florida. Whether you’re a conservative, a liberal or a middle-of-the-roader, there’s something for everyone as our Red, Blue and MSM (mainstream media) news feeds keep you up-to-date on what all sides of the political spectrum are saying.

And don’t forget to visit and “like” the BizPac Review Facebook page, which has become a destination all its own, with over 53,000 likes to date.

I would like to thank our readers, writers, advertisers and shareholders for all their support in helping us grow and evolve over the past year. It’s been a fun ride, and thanks to our new website, it’s about to get even more interesting.

In return for your trust and loyalty, we’ll continue to strive every day to provide you with the best content the political world has to offer.

Enjoy the new site, and in case anyone asks, we built this. Without the president’s help.

Jack Furnari


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