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American Crossroads ad: Mr. President, where are the jobs?

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New American Crossroads TV Ad in Florida Holds President Obama to Account on Economy.
American Crossroads launches TV ad with $3 million buy in FL focused on President’s economic failures over last four years.
WASHINGTON – With three weeks to go in the Presidential election, American Crossroads today launched a new television ad in Florida holding President Barack Obama to account for the weak job market, skyrocketing debt and the slowest economic recovery in modern history.
In the ad, a woman sitting at a kitchen table interrupts an Obama campaign ad where the president talks about sitting down with voters at the kitchen table. She asks: “Mr. President, here’s what I want to know: where are the jobs you promised? The trillions you spent – where did it all go? What’s there to show for all of that new debt? And if we’re in a recovery, why are we making less?”
The ad will air on network TV stations and cable systems in Florida backed by a $3 million buy, with additional advertising on Pandora (internet radio) and the Big 10 and SEC networks.
“President Obama’s economic policies created record trillions of new debt, the weakest recovery in modern history, and gave Americans very little to show for it,” said Steven Law, president and CEO of American Crossroads. “President Obama’s weak leadership has created a weak economy and a weaker America, and it’s time to turn this ship around.”
American Crossroads is a non-profit 527 political organization dedicated to renewing America’s commitment to individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise and a strong national defense through informed and effective political action. American Crossroads seeks to educate voters and empower citizens to hold lawmakers and office-seekers accountable for where they stand. Paid for by American Crossroads. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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