Newsflash, Mr. President: Global warming ended 16 years ago

Several news items caught my eye Saturday that, when taken together, illustrate the folly of the direction the Obama administration is taking our country.

The first was a report that Vestas, a Danish wind turbine company that received $50 million in stimulus funds was laying off more than 800 U.S. employees.

My initial reaction was that the president just doesn’t understand what it takes to create a job, because he’s never created one in private life. Government can’t create jobs — only the private sector can do that. Federally guaranteed loans and stimulus grants directed to firms like Solyndra and SunPower don’t create jobs — they purchase them, or more correctly, rent them. Last week, the lease on the Danish windmill factory came to a close.

But, of course, there’s more to it than job creation. There’s also the advancement of the president’s green energy program.

Never mind that an electric car likely creates more greenhouse gases than its gasoline-powered cousin. Never mind that, historically, nine jobs are lost for every four green jobs created. Finally, never mind that electricity generated by wind and solar costs many times more than that produced by coal. There are bigger considerations at stake here — we have a planet to heal. All of which brings me to the second item that caught my eye.

A report was quietly released by the United Kingdom’s Met Office, which has the responsibility for keeping track of things like weather and climate. The report indicates that global warming stopped 16 years ago.

That reminded me of something I had read back in June. It seems that the rise in the oceans has now slowed appreciably.

All of which brings us back to President Obama. In June 2008, when he was merely candidate Obama, he promised to heal the planet and slow the oceans’ rise. It now appears that he has done it. Of course, he had just as much to do with that as he did with receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. But maybe now that this matter has been taken care of, he’ll be able to dedicate his time and energy to other matters — like protecting our foreign missions.



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