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White House Prepares Retaliation for Ambassador’s Death
BizPac Review
Country’s gas pains give Romney fuel for making domestic energy key issue
BizPac Review
No Tax Hike For Seminole County Schools

By George Noga

Local (Central Florida) readers may have seen my guest column in the Orlando Sentinel on Sept. 28 in opposition to a proposed $100 million tax increase solely for Seminole County schools.

Following is the column as I originally wrote it and NOT as it was published. I was subjected to extensive, inane and incomprehensible editing and fact checking as I describe later in this post. You will be shocked to learn…

Newsflash, Mr. President: Global warming ended 16 years ago

Several news items caught my eye Saturday that, when taken together, illustrate the folly of the direction the Obama administration is taking our country. The first was […]

Contaminated seafood on American dinner tables

Asian seafood, which has been raised on pig feces, processed in filthy, fly-infested rooms and then packed in ice made from contaminated tap water has been approved […]

New Romney ad: America is an idea

Romney campaign releases a stirring new TV ad featuring Paul Ryan.

Allen West fires up California conservatives

U.S. Rep. Allen West rocks the crowd in his “Land of Dreams” speech delivered in Temecula, Calif. on Oct. 12, 2012. The video’s description reads, “Not since […]