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A Smile, A Smirk And A Grin In The Vice Presidential Debate

By Norman Berdichevsky

A great deal of debate followed the Vice Presidential debate regarding the laughter and body language of Joe Biden.

On his post-debate talk show, T.V. Journalist Sean Hannity continually referred to Biden’s laughter and smiles as unintentional and uncontrollable much like that of someone mentally ill who cannot distinguish…

New Romney ad: Leaders fix problems

The Romney-Ryan campaign released a new TV ad.  

Returning Marines celebrate with huge pillow fight

It’s great to see these guys so happy. God Bless them all.  

Adam Kredo: the ‘towering’ personality you should know

The news business is a fast-paced, competitive industry, but as in any other, the cream usually rises to the top. And among the new media, the Washington […]