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New Florida laws business people need to know about

Every year, the Florida Legislature passes a raft of new laws that affect businesses, and this year is no different. The good news in 2012 is that, […]

Jobless Sandra Fluke supports Allen West’s opponent

Sandra Fluke, the 31-year-old law school graduate who first garnered attention by trying to crash a Capitol Hill committee hearing on religious freedom, is now visiting the […]

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Just How Activist Are Florida Justices Pariente, Lewis, and Quince? A Look at Vouchers

With just over three weeks until the Nov. 6 elections, one set of races attracting much state and even national attention is the merit-retention contests of three […]

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Florida lawmakers should permit the use of gold as currency
Allen West hosts town hall with Israeli deputy speaker

Congressman Allen West played gracious host to Danny Danon, Israeli deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset, and at least 10 Israeli mayors who accompanied him to an […]

Jack’s Voter Guide released

This voter guide includes my choices for U.S. Senate, two state Senate seats and a number of county constitutional offices, judicial seats and the Republican State Committee […]

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Video: In NYC toxic smoke OK, but not soda

By now, a lot of people have weighed in on New York City’s attempt to ban large sodas. But they say a picture is worth a thousand […]