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Universal Studios denies removal of incriminating Romney bashing audio

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Thanks to a Biz Pac Review reader who was not willing to stay silent, BPR broke a story yesterday about an offensive live performance at Universal Studios theme park in Orlando.

Allegedly, the parody bashes Mitt Romney and praises Barack Obama in a comedic song and dance show, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

The story was picked up as front page news on Breitbart ‘s Big Hollywood website. The publication contacted the Universal Orlando Resort and reported the following statement given to them by officials.

“The Bill and Ted show has been part of Halloween Horror Nights for years. It’s a comedy show that is heavy on pop culture, parody and satire – and none of the personalities or issues we deal with receive glowing treatment. This year’s show contains three-minutes during which actors portraying the candidates engage in a rap song battle. The rest of the 40-minute show pokes at pop culture 2012 – everything from the Mayan Calendar to Honey Boo Boo Child. We’re not sure how anyone could think this particular segment flatters one person over another, but we know people sometimes interpret things their own way.”

Marla Knowles described an outrageous live performance that was part of the popular show.

“In the show, a black man was dressed up in a suit and sunglasses looking all cool and singing a rap about how he was the first black president. He makes references to gay rights, women’s contraception, killing Osama bin Laden, supporting Big Bird and the like. All the while, the crowd was getting pumped up and cheering the entire time. The black man’s “opponent” was a white man talking like a “nerd” and looking all disheveled as he stumbled out saying that he lied in the debate, that he shoves grannies off the cliff. “Oh, I didn’t know that women could vote,” he even said at one point.

Audio of the election parody was found on You Tube, yesterday, and posted by BPR. Several hours later it was removed by the poster. The audio corroborates Knowles claims.

Universal Studios press officials deny the company having a part in the removal of the audio, according to Breitbart.com.

Michele Kirk


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