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Help Debbie Schlussel fight radical Islam

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On Sunday, I donated money to Debbie Schlussel. For readers unfamiliar with her website, www.debbieschlussel.com, Schlussel is a Conservative Jewish writer on the front lines in the war of words between radical Islam and Western civilization.

I don’t always agree with everything Schlussel writes, and I have a mental block about spelling her last name correctly, so I had to cut and paste it from her site for this post. But I check her site and read her posts every morning.

Schlussel has been under assault by the George Soros-funded attack machine, Media Matters, and other minions of the left for a long time. Now she’s being called a “fake Jew.”

Consider this, from Schlussel’s website:

Nazi George Soros’ multi-million dollar far-left Media Matters for America organization says that I’m not a real Jew–that I’m a fake–because I’m not involved in far left-wing Jewish organizations in Michigan (the ones that butt-lick HAMAS and Hezbollah Muslims and support their unlimited immigration; the ones who won’t condemn Palestinian terrorism against Israel).  Yes, according to Media Matters’ M. J. Rosenberg, formerly of AIPAC and far-left pan-Muslim U.S. Senator Carl Levin’s staff, I’m a fake Jew.

As a Catholic supporter of Israel, and a believer in the classic interpretation of Western civilization, I often need to research facts about radical Islam, and Schlussel’s site is one of the first I turn to (besides BIZPAC Review’s own in-house expert, Alan Bergstein, that is).

The defense of Western civilization is costly, and the other side hits back, and hits hard.

Like I said, I don’t always agree with all the conclusions Schlussel draws from the facts she uncovers, but she is a warrior on behalf of a cause I believe in with all my being.

She deserves my financial support, and yours.

Here’s the link if you feel like I do.

Jack Furnari


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