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Audio, Universal Studios show bashing Romney: Conservatives call for boycott

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BizPac Review recently published the following first hand account by a visitor to Universal Studios, Florida. Audio emerged from a tip today.

Marla Knowles was shocked and outraged by one of  the park’s live shows that defames Mitt Romney and praises Barack Obama. Audio of part of that show can be heard below.




For more details about the show and comments about the boycott that follow read: Universal Studios shocking show defames Romney, praises Obama


Florida voters need to know about the appalling attempts by Universal Studios in Orlando to influence the November election in favor of President Obama. Since the park hosts more than 6 million visitors a year, about 500,000 per month — maybe double that during Halloween Horror Nights throughout October — this isn’t a campaign to be taken lightly.

I went to Halloween Horror Nights last weekend and was shocked that Universal was using its amusement park as a political platform to reach the masses in favor of Obama and to slam Republican contender Mitt Romney in a show called “Bill and Ted’s Adventure.” . . . Read the whole account HERE


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