Allen West: ‘My opponent supports slashing Medicare’

The Allen West campaign released a new ad titled “Horrible Decision”. The ad features seniors who oppose Patrick Murphy’s support for a plan that cuts Medicare for current […]

Shock video: Obama workers plot Florida voter fraud

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, sent undercover reporters into Organizing for America (OFA), headquarters to ask the staff for advice on double voting. OFA is the […]

Violated reporter: ‘Send in your best warriors, exact revenge’

In her compelling keynote address at the Better Government Association’s annual luncheon on Tuesday, CBS correspondent Lara Logan speaks out on Afghanistan, the Taliban and Al Qaeda. […]

Allen West’s desperate opponent’s phony polls

When competing campaigns release polling data with vastly different results, one campaign is either grossly incompetent, or its publishing skewed numbers in a desperate attempt to look […]

Help Debbie Schlussel fight radical Islam

On Sunday, I donated money to Debbie Schlussel. For readers unfamiliar with her website,, Schlussel is a Conservative Jewish writer on the front lines in the war […]

Sheriff Bradshaw gets kudos from NRA, thanks Allen West

Palm Beach County Friends of the NRA honored Sheriff Ric Bradshaw for his support at its annual banquet last week in West Palm Beach. Bradshaw received a […]

Universal Studios shocking show defames Romney, praises Obama

Florida voters need to know about the appalling attempts by Universal Studios in Orlando to influence the November election in favor of President Obama. Since the park […]

Audio, Universal Studios show bashing Romney: Conservatives call for boycott

BizPac Review recently published the following first hand account by a visitor to Universal Studios, Florida. Audio emerged from a tip today. Marla Knowles was shocked and outraged […]