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Latest poll: Romney has 40-point lead among military

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If the presidential election were held today and only the professional core of the  military were allowed to vote, GOP nominee Mitt Romney would come out the winner — by a huge 40 percent margin.

After the fiasco at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya coupled with Romney’s “hope is not a strategy” foreign policy speech yesterday at Virginia Military Institute, one might conclude “so what? Of course the military prefers the Republican candidate.” But wait. It’s not for the reason you think.

According to the Military Times, the two reasons cited for the military preference of Romney over our current president are the economy and character. They feel that Romney would have a much better handle on restoring the economy given his past success, and that he also has more strength and depth of character.

This is especially telling given recent apparent attempts to suppress the vote of our service men and women.

The full report can be read in the Military Times.



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