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Obama campaign finance shocker revealed

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Monday, as the result of a Government Accountability Institute investigation, it released a 108-page report on the threat of illegal campaign contributions, especially those coming from foreign nationals.

The report disclosed that the Internet domain name, Obama.com, is actually owned by Robert Roche, an American expatriate residing in Shanghai, China. Roche is an Obama supporter as well as a campaign finance bundler for the Obama/Biden campaign. Further, Obama.com redirects those on the site to the official Obama/Biden campaign site, my.barackobama.com, where contributions are accepted without adequate safeguards against fraudulent donations. For example, donors are not required to enter their credit card security code which increases the likelihood of foreign contributions.

The story broke this morning on Breitbart.com, which obtained an advance copy of the report. It was also reported this morning on Fox News.

The Government Accountability Institute is a private watchdog group and its report may be read here.

Read the full story on Breitbart.com.


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