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Obama resumes character assassination

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Now that the debate is over, the president can go back to doing what he does best — assaulting his opponent’s character.

During Wednesday’s debate, President Barack Obama appeared subdued, petulant and poorly-prepared. His GOP opponent, Mitt Romney, was spirited, had a grasp of the issues and looked to be genuinely enjoying himself.

Romney maintained eye contact and always had a comeback at the ready. Obama’s performance was marked by smirks, downward stares, and when confronted, had nothing.

What a difference a day makes. On Friday, FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly ran the following video in which Obama tells a crowd that Romney came out ahead on the debate because he wasn’t honest with the American people.

I was taught that whenever I have a complaint with someone else, I should be an adult and let him know — face to face. He had his opportunity to do so Wednesday night. That’s when he should have taken his shot, not later.
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