BizPac Review
Obama: Disaster For Black Americans

By George Noga

While on the topic of race let’s segue into how well President Obama has performed for black Americans; after all, he is the first black president.

That’s easy, you probably are thinking; he’s been a disaster for all Americans and, ipso facto, for black Americans…

Jack Welch accuses Obama of cooking the books

The latest monthly jobs report prompted former General Electric CEO and Chairman Jack Welch to accuse the Obama administration of engaging in some creative bokeeping. This morning, […]

Allen West’s wife Angela speaks out in new ad

U.S. Rep. Allen West’s latest ad is narrated by his wife, Angela, and is in answer to a series of attack ads by his opponent.

Bill Hager, former math teacher, veteran champion of children’s causes

In his first TV ad of the campaign, state Rep. Bill Hager, R-Boca Raton, assumed the persona of a math teacher. First, he was shown working feverishly […]