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Video: Allen West supporter forced to leave forum

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The League of Women Voters in St. Lucie County hosted a forum Thursday in Ft. Pierce. The obvious stars of the forum were the candidates for Congressional District 18.

The crowd became rowdy when the moderator presented the following question: “Many voters feel politics has divided us to the point that meaningful legislation is just not being passed. If elected, what would you do to get both sides to work together for the people and not just the parties.

Marilyn Davis Holloman, the write-in candidate, answered first referring to her experience with bussing as a child. Rep. Allen West was second, elaborating on his experience in Washington.

Last was Patrick Murphy, who said that he “used to be a Republican, but got so tired of the extremism of the tea party.” That created a loud response from the audience, some cheering and some booing, until one man was forced to leave the room.


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