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The left agrees — Romney won

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In any subjective endeavor, each side’s supporters will declare their team the winner. This includes debates — especially political debates.

Not so last night. The left threw in the towel. They knew their team lost, and lost big time. They told us so in 140 characters or less on Twitter. Memorable tweets of the evening include the following:

From director Michael Moore:
“Obama please be Obama! You sound like a Democrat (wimpy).”

From talk show host and un-funny comedian Bill Maher:
“Romney looks more confident and energetic – he’s about a minute away from holding Obama down and cutting his hair. This better be ropeadope”

and later:
“i can’t believe i’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter”

Alec Baldwin preferred understatement:
“O seems a hair off”

He then continued as follows:
“Obama is a potentially great man who remains mildly uncomfortable in public life. Mitt is a gifted off-shore money tycoon and tax preparer”

From actress Whoopi Goldberg:
“Good Lord I need a joint oh my god I want to go down the path to an answer!!”

My own personal favorite moment of the evening was when Romney, speaking of the president’s investments in green energy companies like Solymdra and SunPower, told him, “You don’t pick winners and losers — you just pick losers.”

With last night’s debate, we can now include the president in the list of losers.

From the right, Republican strategist Mike Murphy summed the evening up best: “It’s funny; tonight Romney is much better than his campaign; Obama is far worse.”

Additional comments from the left can be read at Twitchy.com.



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