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October surprise: Shocking Obama video surfaces

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Last evening, the Daily Caller unearthed a 37-minute video of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama addressing an audience of black ministers at Hampton University in June of 2007.

Although a heavily edited 9-minute version had been available on YouTube for years, this is the first that the entire speech has been made available.

The theme running throughout his speech, especially when he goes off-script, is that the federal government has been shortchanging African Americans. The Daily Caller described the speech as “racially charged,” and I can’t argue.

He also expressed deep affection for the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a man who months before, Obama had dismissed to the New York Times as too militant in his view.

But the most striking thing of all, at least to me, was the candidate’s diction, choice of words, accent, cadence and mannerisms. I was watching an entirely different person.

One can only conclude but that Obama is guilty of pandering. The question is, was he pandering to the audience of black ministers at Hampton University, or is he pandering to the American people today?

See the unedited video at The Daily Caller


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