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54 pro-lifers arrested for praying in front of White House

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54 members of at least three pro-life organizations who demonstrated outside the White House last weekend were arrested for praying. A Washington, D.C. ordinance permits demonstrations outside Washington’s most famous residence so long as the protesters remain on the move. This group was knelt in prayer.

The object of the group’s protest was the Department of Health and Human Services mandate requiring religious employers to provide contraception, including the morning-after pill, to their employees. This, the group feels, is a clear violation of their First Amendment religious freedom. More than that, they fear that this is but another step toward state-funded abortions.

Bryan Kemper, a pro-life activist and Youth Outreach Director at Priests for Life, was one of 22 arrested Saturday and 32 arrested Sunday. “I was here because I want my children to grow up in a country I love and be able to practice their faith, be able to have their religious freedom,” Kemper said. “And if I’m not willing to stand up for my own children, no one else is going to.”

Jayne White, a California college student was another arrestee, and was moved to participate by the film For Greater Glory. “If we back down now, we are going to be overrun,” White said. “It is a time to take action…It is time to be outwardly pro-life, to be outwardly Christian, to stand up for our religious freedoms. That’s why I’m out here today. ”

Rev. Pat Mahoney, the event’s organizer, told Ben Johnson of LifeSiteNews “We want a national conversation to begin today. How do people of faith respond when the government begins to encroach into the private affairs of their lives and their families and their values and their beliefs?” Rev. Mahoney is also director of the Christian Defense Coalition.

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