Pointless celebrity video: ‘Vote 4 Stuff’

Why is it that just because some moron can emote convincingly while reciting lines written by someone else, he suddenly thinks he’s an expert on all things political?

A group of entertainers, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Degeneres and Selena Gomez, put together this clip urging all of us to “vote 4 stuff.” They also want us to let them know what “stuff” we want to vote for. If they like what we have to say, they’ll publish it.

I vote to outlaw the media from cheer-leading for the Obama administration. Oh, and also for the Defense of Marriage Act. And make a law that every household should have at least one firearm. Think they’ll publish that?

A thanks and a tip of the hat to the Washington Free Beacon for finding this tidbit and bringing it to our attention.

[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/embed/u8tlfphtsRQ w=”560″ h=”315″]



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