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Sean Jackson: Young, black and Republican

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Tuesday evening the first Republican Black Caucus of South Florida assembled a board of directors and became an official organization. The mission: “To achieve community action through the dissemination of Conservative values, in a combined effort with elected officials and community leaders to ensure a prosperous future for all.”

“Once upon a time, in the state of  Florida, there was a black Republican organization,” Sean Jackson told BizPac Review, but it dissolved a long time ago.

Jackson, and other conservative black leaders have taken the first steps to “fill that need” for people in South Florida communities.

Jackson, a former candidate for the West Palm Beach City Commission, was elected Chairman of the Board. He is heavily involved in community issues and plans to expand the group by reaching out to potential members in a bipartisan way.

The following interview shows Jacksons enthusiasm for the Party, the project, and its future goals:


Michele Kirk


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