Mary Lou Berger anonymously attacked!

If you’re searching for information on Mary Lou Berger, the Democratic candidate for Palm Beach County Commission in south county District 5, you may want to look carefully at the website you land on. A site called is being used by others to depict Berger in a negative light.

The site, complete with a large, distorted picture of Berger’s face, links the legislative aide to her longtime boss, County Commissioner Burt Aaronson, who has been forced to step down this year because of term limits. Aaronson has been accused of hand-picking Berger as his replacement once it became clear that voters’ stand on term limits would be upheld in court.

It is not yet known who is responsible for the site, but whoever it is described why Berger left herself wide open to this kind of name-hijacking:

Mary’s level of intelligence is demonstrated by her choice in domain names. Certainly, is as easy to remember and has more significant to search engines than This is why we see web sites like instead of”

WARNING: The site contains some inappropriate visual content.

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Michele Kirk


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