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Clinton praises Romney — again

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Three months ago, former President Bill Clinton defended GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital amid potshots from the left, and described it as as “sterling.” Romney once again received praise from Clinton.

This morning, Romney spoke at Clinton’s annual global conference held in New York — and the person who introduced Romney was none other than ole’ “Bubba” himself. And the relationship between the two was one of mutual respect.

In the introduction, Clinton praised Romney’s support for the AmeriCorps program. Upon taking the podium, Romney quipped that “If there’s one thing we’ve learned in this election season, by the way, it is that a few words from Bill Clinton can do a man a lot of good.” This was a nod to the bounce President Obama received after being introduced by Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

For the full story, read the New York FOX News 11 article.


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