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Obama’s Muslim apology tour deserves a Hallmark card sentiment

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I strolled into my neighborhood Hallmark store looking for an appropriate card to send to some Middle East Muslims expressing my condolences for grievances they may have against my country and against Jews who might have offended them throughout the years. I saw the birthday cards, the grieving cards, those celebrating weddings, and others, but none fit my search. Neither did the clerk recall ever having seen such a card. I called her attention to the many apologies that President Obama has made to Muslims, and she agreed that there would seem to be a need for cards of this nature. I walked out shaking my head, wondering why American ingenuity did not understand the market that exists for such a card.

Muslims seem to be a special breed of people to this president. They always seem to be on the receiving end of some Western attack. They are always the victims. They are never held accountable for their actions. Their grievances run the gamut, starting with us interfering in the many wars they’ve fomented, even among themselves. Recall Saddam Hussein’s brutal attack and occupation of Kuwait, Afghanistan vs. Russia, Iran vs. Iraq, the Serbs vs. Croatia. Don’t forget the removal of Saddam, or Eisenhower preventing England, France and Israel from freeing the Suez in 1956. Then there’s the untold billions spent to rebuild Muslim countries, and the willing dependence of this country on their oil. Many American lives have been lost coming to the aid of Muslim countries. We owe them, big time.

But most especially, I would like to apologize to them for the negative image most of us Americans have because we don’t understand the hatred they have for us. We view the images of 9/11 and don’t grasp that we’re to blame for those attacks. Whatever forced them to kill thousands of innocents must have been our fault. Muslims can never be blamed for their actions. Obama never even thought to bring 9/11 up when he covered himself with sackcloth and ashes when speaking in Cairo and Istanbul during his apology tour. They never invaded Christian Europe in the seventh century. They never slaughtered millions of Armenians. They never initiated the slave trade to the West. When Obama bowed to the king of Arabia, he was appropriately groveling to a superior being, and to a superior religion. Of course, they need an apology card now and then.

And the constant anti-Israel slaughters of innocent Israeli men, women and children because Jews have conquered and occupied Muslim land is surely understandable, according to the treatment our president has given to Israel’s leader and his repudiation of its settlements on occupied land. Surely, the Palestinians are the ones behaving rationally. They are the victims over and over again.

And I feel it is my responsibility to apologize to these people for the hardships they now endure. So I call on Hallmark or even The Dollar Store to start stocking apology cards for Muslims. It’s the Obama way of saying, “I’m sorry!”


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