A ‘blameless’ Obama scolds Congress

In his Saturday radio and Internetaddress, President Barack Obama excoriated House Republicans for commencing their scheduled recess at a time when there were numerous bills to be […]

Are Obama’s views responsible for U.S. deaths in Libya?

Leading from behind is not an effective strategy. In fact, it is not leading at all, as the events since Sept. 11, and even before, have proven. […]

Allen West exclusive: Does he support exceptions for abortion?

U.S. Congressman Allen West spent a few minutes clarifying his position on abortion Friday in response to what he called lies from his opponent, Patrick Murphy. Murphy’s […]

Broward tea party activist helps national movement build momentum

Karin Hoffman, a Broward County tea party activist, conservative voice and leader of the DC Works for Us group, got her own political stimulus from President Obama’s […]