Campaign underway to teach illegals non-compliance in Arizona

As the “show me your papers” provision of the Arizona immigration law is ruled enforceable, civil rights groups are beginning a campaign to teach illegal immigrants how not to comply with the law. The provision allows law enforcement officers to question the immigration status while enforcing other laws.

According to an AP report, civil rights groups and volunteers are coordinating an education campaign to advice illegal immigrants to “respectfully stand their ground against police.” The groups have been “telling immigrants who are in the United States illegally that they should offer only their name and date of birth — and carry no documents that show where they were born.” In addition, they are asking law enforcement officers across the state not to enforce the provision.

Arizona voters approved the law in 2010 in response to a lack of enforcement by federal officials to the overwhelming numbers of illegal immigrants entering their state. Governor Jan Brewer says that while the law can’t solve Arizona’s immigration problems, it can help local police.

‘‘Only the federal government has the resources and responsibility necessary to achieve that,’’ Brewer said.

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