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‘Bad timing for Wasserman Schultz to wander off the reservation’

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“Pride comes before a fall” as the saying goes. Can the pride and arrogance of U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, lead to her own fall? Some Democratic leaders seem to think so, even to the point where her Congressional seat may be in jeopardy.

According to Nancy Smith, writing for the Sunshine State News,  the Democratic National Committee chair “has embarrassed many high-ranking party leaders with shoot-from-the-hip misstatements, downright inaccuracies and even a charge of thuggery.

“Chief among Wasserman Schultz’s problems are three issues: her claims pertaining to Israel, the Republicans’ platform and her personal threats to the head of the Susan G. Komen Foundation over Planned Parenthood.”

According to political consultant A. Ferris Guiletti,”Wasserman Schultz has given the Democrats a major black eye. She’s done it by reacting badly under fire, and building a yawning credibility gap between herself and both the national media and some important Democratic donors.”

Guiletti continues, “She’s blowing her status with her own party, that’s the buzz, and she just might have blundered herself into trouble for her re-election campaign back home in South Florida.”

Since the week of the Republican National Convention, Wasserman Schhultz has been called out in outright falsehoods by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Michael Oren and the Washington Examiner.

Her brouhaha with the Washington Examiner and Ambassador Oren came during the week of the Charlotte, N.C. Democratic National Convention. According to Cheryl Stern, a Washington-based Republican consultant, it was “bad timing for Wasserman Schultz to wander off the reservation. The Democratic Party had just taken a ton of heat for initially omitting references to ‘God’ and ‘Jerusalem’ in its platform.”

Read the full story on the Sunshine State News.

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