The jig is up on Obama’s love affair with Muslims

As we would say in Brooklyn when we had reached the end of our rope, waiting for someone to reach a decision: “The jig is up!” That meant the dance is over. And President Obama’s Hawaiian two-step of avoiding reality on Iran’s nuclear goals and his acceptance of Islamic terror is over. He showed his true colors on Tuesday by refusing to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the Iran nuclear crisis. He’ll be too busy campaigning, fundraising or playing golf. The guy who was nicknamed “Present” by his Illinois Senate colleagues now proves that he is way out of his league internationally. And that spells danger for the entire world.

Obama has sat on his haunches for four years, winking at Iran’s frantic and so-far-successful attempts to acquire nuclear weaponry. He has advertised to Islamic militants that he is not too concerned about their acquisition of power in Egypt, Libya and Syria. At his speech at Cairo University in 2009, he demanded that then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak allow Muslim Brotherhood members to attend. He then rolled out the red carpet for the Muslim Brotherhood leader to visit the White House. Obama has bowed to the Saudi king, recited a Koranic prayer during a radio broadcast and has a Muslim Brotherhood representative as Hillary Clinton’s top aide.

Does he have a love affair with radical Islam or what?

Now that he needs every vote, Jewish and non-Jewish, to win the upcoming election, Obama throws Democratic Israel under his bus. Israel will have to go it alone. No friends in this world to come to its aid. No country to even stand behind it and speak up for this allied nation.

I am calling on every single rabbi in the country to speak up in defense and support of Israel. I am calling on these Jewish leaders to advise their congregations to forget their political habits of the past. They must give rabbinical directions to every Jew in their communities to vote against Barack Obama on Nov. 6, regardless of the provisions of federal nonprofit rules. Just as Jewish law may be overridden in lifesaving situations, so must they cast aside the tax code that would penalize them for stepping into political waters. That is their responsibility. They must understand that the jig is up.


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