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Allen West calls him a coward as opponent refuses more debates

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Today Congressman Allen West released the following statement regarding Patrick Murphy’s refusal to accept an invitation from both the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches and the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce for a public discussion of the issues:

“The critical issues facing our country and the constituents of Congressional District 18 center around our economic, energy, and national security. It seems my opponent prefers venues dominated by liberal opinion writers. He continues to refuse public venues before our local Chambers of Commerce or those such as the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches renowned for their events and distinguished speakers. It is obvious my opponent requires the protection of his family members or liberal sycophants as he has proven incompetent, inept, and unable to present a single viable solution.

Leaders lead. They enter the arena alone, and stand upon principle, not seeking approval or endorsement from sideline hecklers. The only endorsement I seek will come from Americans who want the restoration of their Republic and the promise of the American dream for their children and grandchildren, and that comes on November 6th.”

West Campaign Manager Tim Edson added, “With each day, Patrick Murphy seems to be shrinking before voters’ very eyes. His lack of courage is astonishing. Here is an individual who thinks he has what it takes to represent hundreds of thousands of Americans in Washington D.C. and tackle the most serious issues facing our nation, yet he lacks the nerve to face his opponent in a single public debate. What are voters supposed to think? Either Patrick Murphy lacks the intellectual capacity to debate, or he’s simply a coward. Either way Patrick Murphy is not fit for office.”

Allen West has accepted invitations to public debates hosted by WPTV, the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce and the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches.


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