Scandal-plagued PBC Dems promote picnic with American Muslim Alliance

The Palm Beach County Democratic Party can’t seem to stay away from religion. After two highly placed officials were forced to resign over anti-Christian and anti-Israel tirades, new local Dem boss Terrie Rizzo reached out, not to Christians, not to Jews, but to Muslims.

Rizzo emailed the invite for a day of fun and games with the American Muslim Alliance of Florida on Monday, the day before the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist  attacks.

Rizzo has not returned my calls for comment.

She was the vice chairwoman of the local party, and only became the chair when former Chairman Mark Alan Siegel was forced out by party bigwigs for saying on video at the Democratic National Convention, “Christians just want Jews slaughtered.”

Before Siegel’s departure, there was the resignation of one of Palm Beach County’s representatives to the Democratic National Committee, Evelyn Garcia. Garcia was forced to resign in July after her emails accusing Israel of “crimes against humanity” were published by BizPac Review.

According to its website, the AMA’s goals are:


Hmm, an organization that does not care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, but only cares about you if you’re a Muslim. Sounds like the perfect political partner for the local Democratic Party.

Also on its website, the AMA calls itself a “proud member of the American Muslim Taskforce.”  The AMT consist of groups like Muslim Ummah of North America andAmerican Muslims for Palestine.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a political party promoting a picnic with a religious group, but with all the religious bigotry and intolerance local Democrats have recently displayed, they would probably be better off if they dropped the topic of religion altogether.




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