Karen Harrington: Already a two-state solution, Israel and Jordan

Businesswoman Karen Harrington was introduced to the Republican Jewish Coalition last Sunday as a “Debbie Wasserman Schultz killer,” referring to the 4-term Congresswoman of Florida’s 20th district who Harrington is seeking to unseat for a second time.

Harrington received loud approval when she said that “Israel is already in the area of a two-state solution — Israel and Jordan — and that’s the way it should stay.”

Touching upon the Congresswoman’s meteoric rise, Harrington implied that if Wasserman Schultz were reelected, she could very well end up being a future House Speaker. For that reason, she implied that the race is not so much about electing Harrington as it is defeating Wasserman Schultz. “We don’t fight against liberals because it’s easy; we do it because it’s right,” she said.

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