The new Democratic Party: the Party of Pinocchio

The Democratic Party can now be accurately labeled the Pinocchio Party. Had plastic surgeons known of all the falsehoods that would be thrown around like cordwood at this week’s Democratic National Convention, they could have made out like bandits altering the schnozz lengths of the professional political perjurers.

Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz, with a straight face, called the omission of Jerusalem and God from her party’s platform a “technical oversight.” Yeah, like some lower-level worker skipped this vital item. Yet she referred to Mitt Romney as the key to setting the Republican Party platform. So, let’s get this straight. When it comes to the Republican platform, the presidential candidate is responsible for the wording, but in the case of the Democrats’ platform, President Obama had no initial input. Sounds great — if you’re Pinocchio.

Now let’s discuss the remediation for this “technical oversight” and how that was conducted. Holy smokes! The Democrats called for an official voice vote from thousands of screaming delegates to approve the addition of the Jerusalem/God proposals to their botched platform. A mass shouting-out vote is counted as official on this world-shaking subject? And they needed three of them for accuracy? And the cries of “NO! NO! NO!” from the many who did not want to make the change didn’t seem to affect the pre-recorded approval of this vote as it registered on the teleprompter.

And, of course, there’s Wasserman Schultz’s claim that the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, said a vote for the Republicans is a vote against Israel. Oren himself, though, called her out on this falsehood. And yet, a recording of her quote was released with little effect. Wasserman Schultz refuses to admit she lied. Isn’t this the behavior of a pathological liar? And she leads the Democratic Party?

Add to the competition for the biggest prevaricators at this convention others with great credentials. We had the convicted liar and felon, Bill Clinton; Sen. John Kerry, of Vietnam hero fame; Vice President Joe Biden, who claimed FDR was president in 1929; and the U.S. Senate candidate from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, who falsely claims a Native American heritage in order to win votes.

All in all, it must have been a great experience at dinner time watching Democrats trying to sip their chardonnay while at the same time avoiding dipping their extended beaks into the liquid.


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