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Adam Hasner says Siegel’s comments ignorant, intolerant and insulting, calls on Frankel to condemn

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Adam Hasner just released the following statement:

Hasner Calls On Lois Frankel to Condemn the Anti-Christian Remarks Made By Palm Beach County Democratic Party Chair 


Boca Raton – Adam Hasner released the following statement regarding the remarks made by Palm Beach County Democratic Party Chairman, Mark Alan Siegel, in an interview recorded at the Democratic National Convention where he stated: “The Christians just want us [Jews] to be there so we can all be slaughtered and converted and bring on the second coming of Jesus Christ. They’re not our friends.”
 “Mr. Siegel’s comments are ignorant, intolerant and insulting,” Hasner said.  “As a Jew, I understand that the outpouring of support Israel receives from the Christian community is critical to its well-being.”
“Unfortunately, there are some in the Jewish community, like Mr. Siegel, who seek to undermine and discredit the value of Christian support by misrepresenting the nature of their intentions. Their motivation in doing so is purely political,” Hasner continued. “The spreading of such falsehoods is harmful to Jewish-Christian relations and politics in general, and I call upon Lois Frankel to stand with me in condemning Mr. Siegel’s hurtful and untrue remarks.”
Jack Furnari


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