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Bill Clinton at the DNC a dangerous move for Democrats

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Bill Clinton, who will be a prime-time speaker at this week’s Democratic National Convention, may be preceded by Vice President Joe Biden. That would be a bad move for Democrats, since the crowd may still be rolling in the aisles from Biden’s gaffes when Clinton strides to the podium. I guess they know what they’re doing. I surely don’t.

Many know Clinton is not on the same wave length as Barack Obama. In 2008, they were at each other’s throats over Hillary Clinton, who was then running in opposition to Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. Accusations that the former president was racist were thrown around by Obama supporters like snow balls in January.

So why would these two avowed enemies work, supposedly, hand in hand for Obama’s re-election? First, we’ve got to look at Obama’s need for Bill Clinton’s support, which indicates panic within Obama’s team. His supporters are running scared and must have a better idea of the public’s voting intentions than indicated by the polls, which are all over the place. The Democrats need Clinton’s support.

And then we’ve got to guess at what’s going on in Bill Clinton’s head. He’s an acknowledged political genius. He’s had his law license suspended, is an open womanizer and, to top it all off, wasimpeached by the House of Representatives.  By all accounts, he should be dead in the water and spending his time delivering groceries for a living. Instead, he’s one of the most recognized, trusted Americans and could probably win the election hands down were he to run today. So why is he willing to apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Obama’s obviously failing campaign?

The answer has to be Hillary Clinton. She’s out of the convention political picture, heading on a nonsensical trip to the Far East and spending more private time with Huma Abedin, her Muslim Brotherhood gal pal. She wants nothing to do with this current ticket. She could have pushed Biden aside as easily as, let’s say, an old lady shoved off a cliff in her wheelchair. She sees Obama as a loser, even if he wins four more years in the White House, and doesn’t want to go down the drain with him as his vice president. If Mitt Romney defeats Obama, she’ll wait it out, hoping he falters during his first term. If so, she’ll be in the perfect position to run for office in 2016. It’s more logical for her to stay in the political limelight, spending the next four years taking over as head of the Democratic Party with Magic Bill by her side. This will give her time to polish her personal and international image. The media will just love her!

I’m looking forward to Bill Clinton’s speech, and so should you. Try to determine what he’s going after by studying his body language and verbiage. This promises to be more fun than watching and listening to Biden thanking South Carolina for hosting the convention. All in all, this is a dangerous decision on the part of the Obama team. Bill Clinton could deliver not a nomination but a death sentence.


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