Little Steelers thrilled with visit from Pat Rooney

Rep. Patrick Rooney Jr., R-Jupiter, is generally known as just “Pat” to friends and colleagues. But as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers Rooney family, Saturday he […]

Herman Cain hecklers shouted down with ‘USA’ chant

Students recently turned on a heckler at uber-liberal University of Michigan on behalf of conservative Herman Cain. On September 27, Cain addressed approximately 500 “Wolverines” during his […]

Viral video: Kids taste ice cream for first time


The world laughs as Iran reposts fake news story

You can’t make this stuff up. Israel’s Embassy to the U.S. is mocking Iran on because its news agency ran a a satirical item from The […]

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Dem strategist: Media now ‘Enemy of the people’

Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Cadl addressed an Accuracy In Media conference, “ObamaNation: A Day of .” He noted that the media have reversed their role from […]

Allen West vs Patrick Murphy: First public forum showdown

In a recent media release, West for Congress confirmed that due to Congressional schedule changes, Allen West will participate in a candidate forum with Democrat nominee Patrick […]

Obama protester: Jewish Obama voters don’t deserve to be called Jews anymore

“Never again day”brought local activists to the Boca Raton Obama campaign offices where they stood outside with signs and determination to change the minds of fellow Americans […]

Sean Jackson: Young, black and Republican

Tuesday evening the first Republican Black Caucus of South Florida assembled a board of directors and became an official organization.The mission: “To achieve community action through the […]

Allen West to NRA group: ‘An armed man is a citizen; a disarmed man is a subject’

Palm Beach CountyFriends of the NRA held its annualbanquet Friday night in West Palm Beach and Congressman Allen West was the invited speaker. West gave a brief […]

Disney betting big against gambling

High stakes issues are causing Florida businesses to beef up their political campaign contributions this election year. With the threat of Las Vegas-style casinos on the horizon, […]

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Mia Love surges ahead despite racial attacks

If GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney didn’t receive the bounce he’d expected from the Republican National Convention, rising political star Mia Love did. Love is the Saratoga […]

National Democrats abandoning Allen West’s opponent, says GOP rep

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee canceled a week of ads previously scheduled to run against incumbent U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Jupiter, in his race against businessman Patrick […]

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