Mia Love’s success at RNC marred by racial slurs

And liberals call conservatives racist?

Mia Love is a young, black conservative whose parents immigrated to the United States from Haiti with $10 in their pocket. They struggled and finally achieved their own American success story. Tuesday night Love, a Utah mayor who is running for congress, added significantly to her family’s success by giving one of the most rousing speeches of the evening at the Republican National Convention.

The joy, however, was marred by cruel acts of vandalism committed on Love’s Wikipedia page. One section of her page called her a “dirty, worthless whore” who sold out to big business. Another referred to her as a “sell-out” to the “right wing hate machine,” before accusing her of being exploited “like the House N—– she truly is.”

After the discovery was made by several bloggers, Love’s Wikipedia page was restored.

The following is Love’s Tuesday night speech.

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