Organizers expect to battle police during RNC march

It seems as though every organized group of people in the country with the possible exception of the Girl Scouts of America will be descending upon Tampa next week. They’re arriving to either voice displeasure or make demands of the GOP during the Republican National Convention. Busloads are expected from as far away as Washington state and not even the possibility of a major hurricane is keeping them away.

According to Corey Uhl of the Students for a Democratic Society, “There will be nothing that will stop us from marching in the streets to demand good jobs, health care, affordable education, equality and peace and to oppose the party of legitimate rape.”

The more than 60 separate groups making up as many as 5,000 people that are expected have organized into what they call the Coalition to March. They’ll be meeting at 10 Monday morning for speeches before marching at noon. The organizers expect that if there’s any trouble, it will come from the police. This statement is reminiscent of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago which came to be known as a time of the “police riots.”

As reported by Richard Danielson, staff writer at the Tampa Bay Times,

Asked whether the march will try to prevent anyone from, for example, breaking windows or throwing rocks, march leader Jared Hamil said, “If they break the law, well, it’s the law. Whatever the law says.

But Hamil declined to criticize groups that might not follow organizers’ plans for a peaceful march with a permit from the city.

Additional coverage of the demonstration can be read at the

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