Crossroads GPS launches new ad aimed squarely at Florida’s seniors and Sen. Bill Nelson

Crossroads GPS has launched a new political ad aimed squarely at Florida’s seniors and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. D-Fla.

A few weeks ago, the Democrats thought they held the high ground on the Medicare issue — until GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney selected U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisc. as his running mate. Financial guru Ryan has been hammering home the fact that the president’s new health law, the Affordable Care Act, is partially financed by pulling $716 billion from Medicare, putting the popular Medicare Advantage program in jeopardy.

Riding this wave of support, Crossroads GPS has just launched the following new ad directed at Florida seniors, and putting Nelson squarely in its cross-hairs:
[youtube_sc url= w=”425″ h=”349″] 

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