HHS Secretary Sebelius to visit West Palm

Now that Medicare and Obamacare have become got-button issues, Palm Beach County is about to get a visit from an Obama administration cabinet member.

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is scheduled to talk to seniors at the Area Agency on Aging in West Palm Beach today. With all the recent negative accounts surrounding the Affordable Care Act, her visit is meant to educate seniors on the health care reform and how it affects Medicare.

This issue is especially important to Floridians this election year, as seniors comprise a large voting bloc in the state.

According to agency spokeswoman Erin Shields, “The secretary frequently travels across the country educating people about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, including access to preventive benefits, like cancer screenings and blood pressure readings, without a co-pay or deductible for Medicare beneficiaries.”

Sebelius’ visit comes at a time when GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney has disclosed that over $700 billion was removed from Medicare to help finance the Affordable Care Act. This fact is being reiterated in an ad campaign that began running Wednesday, sponsored by the 60 Plus Association, which is headlined by singer Pat Boone.

For specific times, contact the Area Agency on Aging, located at 4400 N. Congress Ave. in West Palm Beach. Its phone number is 561-684-5885.


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