Seniors’ ad denounces Obamacare

Never tick off a senior citizen.

For years now, the Republican Party, the Tea Party and even a few Democrats have railed against the Affordable Care Act for being financed in part by transferring over a half-trillion dollars from Medicare. The presidential campaign, if anything, has intensified the criticism. Senior citizens have now entered the fray.

Legendary singer Pat Boone, a spokesman for the 60 Plus Association, appears in a TV ad which will air in Florida from August 15 through August 28. It reminds seniors, which form a huge voting bloc in the state, where Obamacare’s funding comes from and, per a 60 Plus Association press release, advises seniors that:

“Acting like a Medicare IRS, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is a 15-member bureaucratic council that will dictate what constitutes ‘necessary care” for Medicare recipients as a means to cut costs beyond the half-trillion dollars that was already eliminated through Obama’s government takeover of healthcare.  The Board’s so-called recommendations can be fully enacted without Congressional action, allowing them to autonomously ration care for seniors.”

The ad closes by asking seniors to voice their objections to U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., who voted in favor of the act. The ad can be viewed below:

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