Is the Democratic Party unraveling?

Just when I needed a good laugh, the Democratic Party gave one to me.

Kelly Ward of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee just sent out an email to fellow Democrats requesting campaign funds with the letters “ASAP” in its subject line. It reads in part:

“The Romney campaign is up with a new ad campaign trying to confuse voters into thinking that Republicans are the ones trying to protect Medicare.??“You and I know that Romney and Paul Ryan are dead set on slashing seniors’ Medicare benefits to pay for more millionaire tax breaks — but we have to get the facts out to voters immediately.”

The Romney ad he’s referring to points out that over $700 billion was stripped from Medicare to help finance the Affordable Care Act, the president’s flawed signature health care legislation.

Back in Nov. 2009, not only did the president acknowledge the Medicare cuts, but he promised to veto any legislation to prevent them from taking place.

As further evidence of the DCCC’s urgency, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel on Wednesday (Aug. 1q5) took note of the fact that the Obama campaign appears to be running in full blown panic mode.

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