School Board candidate wins Jack’s ‘Straightjacket Award’

Mark today as the day Jack’s ‘Straightjacket Award’ was introduced as a regular feature on BizPac Review. From now on, when in my opinion a politician acts like a nut, he or she will be portrayed as one by having his or her head Photoshopped onto a straight-jacketed mental patient.


Republican School Board candidate Lowell Levine is the award’s first official winner. I did feature term-limited Democratic County Commissioner Burt Aaronson in the same straightjacket photo last year, but only now has it become an official award.

For Levine, this is really about a lifetime achievement, not something earned by any single incident.

Levine wins for his epic Facebook rants, wild website comments, incoherent positions on issues, his rude and obnoxious behavior, and for scaring people so much, they call the police.

Levine may be the first official Straightjacket Award winner, but given the nature of politics, he’s just the first of many sure to come.

Congratulations, Levine.



Video of Levine yelling at the School Board



A few of Levine’s Facebook posts and comments:



I didn’t endorse Levine, so he wishes I were “run out of town.”

Jack Furnari


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