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Rev. Al Sharpton in South Fla. to energize black voters

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The Rev. Al Sharpton appeared in South Florida yesterday to energize black voters and promote his National Action Network (NAN). As reported in the Miami Herald:

Local clergy members, politicians and activists gathered for a luncheon and an afternoon rally. The message: empowerment and education to make sure that everyone has a smooth route through the voting process.

“I believe in action,” Sharpton said. “If people are taking our vote, we need to be right on that.”

NAN opened a Miami-Dade office over the weekend as part of an effort to engage marginalized voters and get them to the polls. That means registering people to vote and making sure they get proper identification, which is especially a concern for seniors, low-income voters and those who don’t drive.

Although showing a picture ID at the polling place has long been a requirement in Florida, Sharpton said the laws can keep away registered people from the voting booth. That’s more of a problem, he said, than the chance of fraud.

The entire article may be read in the Miami Herald.

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