In a critical year, Fla. GOP narrows gap

GOP recruiting efforts are paying off.

Florida has long been a battleground state in presidential politics. Although Palm Beach County is decidedly blue, statewide, neither party has a clear advantage. Republicans received  some welcome news today. According to a Sunshine State News article:

Republicans have seen their rank and file numbers grow this year in Florida by a near 3-to-1 clip against the Democrats, which remains the state’s largest political party in terms of overall registered voters.

While Republicans dominate the state Legislature, there are now 4,581,056 registered Democrats eligible to vote in the Aug. 14 primary in Florida and 4,137,890 Republicans, according to the state Division of Elections.

Since the January primary, the Republicans have added 74,037 voters across the state.

There have been public calls out for people to switch parties in order to vote in closed primaries, with the GOP having more congressional and legislative primaries than the Democrats across the state.

Read the entire story at Sunshine State News.

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