Police called on Republican School Board candidate

The police were called to the Jupiter library early voting location Sunday after a School Board candidate made a scene, grabbing candidates’ signs and screaming at people.

According to witness Brittany Bruce, Lowell Levine, a Republican candidate for the District 1 School Board seat, screeched up in his car, parked in a handicapped spot in front of the library, then jumped out and started grabbing candidates’ campaign signs and screaming at other candidates working the polling location.

One of his opponents for School Board, Christine Jax, was so concerned by what was described as Levine’s erratic and threatening behavior, she called the police.

Jax said Levine pulled up all of her signs and threw them in a pile in the parking lot, then told Jax he was going out at midnight that night, when everyone was sleeping, to pull up every one of her campaign signs he could find.

Jax also accused Levine of physically threatening her. “He told me my days are numbered. ‘Watch your back now.’ That’s when I called the police,” Jax said.

According to Bruce, Levine was trying to speed out of the parking lot when the Jupiter police boxed him in. “He almost ran me over,” Bruce said.

No arrests were made.

Disclosure: I endorsed Christine Jax for School Board


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